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Grid Status

Grid Status: Online
Total Regions: 186
Today visitors: 21
Visitors (30 Days): 136
Total Residents: 3293

Grid Updates

Yesterday's update was a major one, and many many improvements have been a result of that. Logins are faster, TP's are faster and more reliable. We no longer have the same issues we once had, well, all of them anyway, but we will likely see new issues coming forth.

I wanted to take the time though to suggest a few things. With the new updates, some of the things that were once recommended, are no longer so much recommended. If you fail to TP, you'll likely get a different error and not just time out like before. If this happens, don't relog, see the error, and wait a few moments, and try again. If you cannot get to where you're trying to go, take note of the specific error you're getting and report it to #support on our Discord, or to an email to support.

What's New?

What has been happening behind the scenes too. We have consistent weekly backups of all regions. We have rolling restarts on two days of the week which have drastically been improved in speed because of this update. And our website is faster than ever. No longer do you need to sit and wait for the friends list to load while you go and get coffee of whatever, it's there as soon as you login.

Also now, all regions are finally configured to allow for Estate level sim restarts. As long as you can get to the sim itself, as an Estate manager, you can trigger a restart in the Region Manager, under Debug. Because of the grid updates, where Farms used to cause large delays to sims shutting down, upwards of 30 minutes to even as long as 2 hours. This has been dramatically reduced to even the heaviest of farm sims, to less than a minute in recent tests!

What's Coming?

What's coming though? Well, we can already sail the seas from the higher regions of Torvaldsland to the south as far as Port Kar. Soon we'll be adding regions as far south as Turia and as far east as Fina, possibly further, and up to Ko-Ro-Ba. Not only will you be able to sail further, but be able to walk to more cities on actual land too. We'll be inviting everyone interested to come join us in an adventure when these new stretches of sea and land are in place, a vision of Gor we've always dreamt of but could never accomplish on Second Life. Imagine, riding your Tharlarion along the road to the Sardar, or even your Tarn!

So, come on over to Counter Earth Grid, where gorean dreams are simply coming true. We have been here for many years, we'll be here for many more, and we are the largest gorean-only grid!

Grid Maintenance

When: Saturday, January 9th, 2021
Effects: All Services (Grid, Website)
Time: 5am ~ 9am PST

All services related to Counter Earth Grid will be going offline for much needed maintenance. This is expected to improve overall services, but primarily focused on the Group and TP issues that have been ongoing for a while. While this may not solve them all, it may improve things, especially with group chat, group notices, etc. If other areas of things are improved as well, they will be happy bonuses.