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Grid Status: Online
Total Regions: 400
Today visitors: 21
Visitors (30 Days): 268
Total Residents: 2737

Welcome to the Counter Earth Grid

Gor, the worlds of John Norman, recreated in virtual worlds! A grid laid out as per the science fiction works of John Norman's 35 books, all interconnected. Run your own Gorean city, village, or farm at a FRACTION of the cost of other grids. From Torvaldsland to Turia, the Voltai to the Thassa, the entire world of Gor in virtual worlds. See the menu on the top left to see other pages and to find out how to get your own sim on the Counter Earth Grid


                                                                 What's YOUR GOR?

   Why have we had 7 years of success in Counter Earth Grid?


  • We value people. Active people, active communities. We depend on our people for our community, not our landmass.  
  • Appropriate Resources for the size of our grid- We will not use unnecessary bandwidth to build empty lands (community land, bandwidth)  
  • We value Honor. Isn't that Gorean? 
  • We have almost 40 communities and continue to grow with over 2500 registrants, 300 plus regular participants, and more coming to our grid to join our cities
  • Fun events including tarn races, tournaments of arms, ship racing, dance, training, and special Gorean events from the books offering some CASH prizes.
  • Server redundancy and a support team with over 20 years of technology expertise. We have servers in the double digits.
  • Interconnected land via a large number of open areas provided for free by the grid for role play. 
  • Our farming system is by the book and enhances our Gorean experience in role-playing and it's FREE. Our meter is built for Goreans by Goreans and it's FREE.
  • Our regions are autonomous which means "having the freedom to govern itself or control its own affairs." As long as you are adults and act like one, we are open to whatever your Gor is as LONG as it's Gor.


              Help us join the entire map of Gor as it was meant in the books! What is YOUR Gor? 

                                Join Gorean Role Play Guild to find role play every day, all                                      day!


Come join us like over 2600 others have!