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Counter Earth Combat System

CECS (Counter Earth Combat System) is a unique Gorean-oriented combat system designed for Counter Earth Grid.


Attach (Add) the HUD to your avatar, and the first time you do, it will ask you to choose your role from the following:

Warrior - The highest combat effective role. This is primarily intended for those of the Warrior caste, as they are commonly the most trained in combat.
Hunter - These are similar to warriors, but are often hunting in the wilds for food. Also used for panthers, taluna, and other similar types.
Citizen - The common class citizen. This includes Scribes, Merchants, Initiates, Bakers, etc, roles that don't normally fight themselves.
Physician - A special role intended primarily for Physicians and Healers. They are able to diagnose and heal wounds fully and properly.
Slave - The lowest class, strictly intended for slaves of either gender.

Once you have selected a role, it will send the selection to the server and be saved. This setting for the role is locked for a period of 1 week before it can be changed again, so choose wisely, and accurately.

To access the CECS Menus, you can click on the HUD on the CECS logo, or you can use the chat command /1meter.



Sounds provides 5 different sound sets you can choose from for battle sounds, for each gender accordingly. You can even sample the sounds locally with the Play button here. Once you have chosen the set you want to use, make sure you Save or it will not apply.


This provides a title you can add to your HUD. (Originally it was intended to set your visible name to others, and this may come back some time)


As mentioned above, allows changing ones role. This comes at a penalty of 1 weak to change it again. (This is to prevent people from changing roles too often, especially to do things they wouldn't normally do. In example, to become a Physician to heal someone and return to being a Warrior)


This section handles the combat text you would see for various event types. You can filter what types of events you want to see or not see, and at what distance to see them.
[A] Attacks - This is combat strikes and other damages related.
[F] Fallens - This is when people are bested in battle, or recover from it.
[R] Resets - Shows you when someone resets their meter.
[M] Modes - Shows mode changes, like Normal, Sparring, Arena, Away, Busy, etc.

Range is adjusted with the < M and M > buttons and steps at 20 meters per change, up to 240 meters which becomes All for the entire region.

Make sure you Save the settings after changing them or they will not be set.


Normal Mode - Live action, like every day life. Gender & Role differences apply. Long term injuries can impact healing rate and more.
Sparring Mode - Just like live action, but without lasting effects of being attacked. Intended for practicing.
Arena Mode - Everybody are equal combatants in this mode. No Gender/Role differences, no lasting effects.


Weapons are based on handiness, and are attached to either the right or left hand, you can even dual wield two weapons, and it is designed to work fairly with them. Attacks are done by clicking the mouse. In Dual-wielding, you can double-click within the same swing to use both weapons in the attack.

Shield Blocking is done when a shield is readied, and you crouch (PgDown or C). Similarly, Parrying and Dodging is done with the same method without a shield.

Brawling mode lets you use your bare fists to fight. You can activate this at any time using /1brawl, or by using the CECS Menu and clicking on Brawl on the main menu.

Drawing weapons, in part, depends on the weapon script itself, however, the standards provided within the DevKit are based on handiness of where the weapon is attached. If you attach a weapon to your right hand you would use /1draw right <name>, and for the left hand /1draw left <name>. <name> in this can be whatever the weapon designer chose for the draw command, allowing it to be generic (like sword), or more specific to the weapon itself (like tarnsclaw-sword). This design it different than what's used in Second Life in part because of the true ability to dual-wield weapons in CECS, and to make proper use of the ability to attach multiple objects to the same attachment point, and specifically get the unique weapon to fight with. Other weapons, like dual-handed weapons such as a bow, you could expect something more simple like /1draw bow, or /1draw tarnsclaw-bow.

Attacking: Melee:

With a weapon (or two) drawn, you can simply click the mouse button to attack in either mouselook or 3rd person view. However, you will only get accuracy in mouselook mode, where you can hit legs, body, or head depending on the angle of the attack.
With dual wielding, you can double-click to strike with both left and right handed weapons, which does use more stamina, but can deal the damage of both your weapons if both weapons manage to hit.

Attacking: Bows:

Bows work only in mouselook mode. To fire, you will need arrows of the bow class you're using (Short bow or Longbow). Both of these bows use variable strength on the draw, so when you start clicking, you knock and start pulling back an arrow on the bow string. It does not fire until you release the mouse button. This allows you to click and release to make a quick low-powered shot, but click, hold, aim, and then release when you're ready to fire, release the mouse to release the arrow to shoot.

Attacking: Crossbows:

Crossbows are similar to bows, except you load and arm the crossbow by clicking, holding, and waiting until it's armed and loaded. If you release while arming, it will cancel the arming process. Once Armed, you can release the mouse and simply click the mouse when ready to fire.


Panting when stamina drain has been fixed and altered to start at 30% Stamina, and stop again after recovery of 40% stamina is gained.
Falling damage has been fixed, and will no longer track when you're sitting on something, such as a Tarn, teleporters, or other things similarly.


CECS (C) 2018 was designed for Counter Earth grid exclusively. Permission to use it is only granted within Counter Earth grid.

CECS was designed from the ground up to fulfill the surreality that is Gor in this 3D world, originally known as SecondLife, but now expands to unique OpenSim grids, such as Counter Earth grid. Its design is meant to mimic closely the idealism of what Gor is, a barbaric world, primarily ruled by men with the exception of the Priest Kings. This does include gender based differences by the ideas of Gor, that women are not at the same level of men. Role differences are kept minimal to keep complexity down, but the simplified roles do follow a fair diversity between them.

The artwork of the HUD was designed by Captain Tardius, and contributed to the overall works of what is CECS.

If you find any problems, please report them to Mykael Goodman, the creator of CECS, or any CECS Staff member with relevant information to help understand the problem, even possibly to demonstrate as needed.